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External Dependencies

Things you must have in order to build Boogie

  • .NET 4.0: Boogie is a .NET application, so you must have the framework installed.

Things you might need in order to build Boogie

  • Coco/R: Boogie's parser uses Coco/R. You do not need to install Coco/R unless you plan on changing the Boogie language or the scanner/parser itself.
  • CCI: You will need to install the sources for CCI if you want to build the BCT (Bytecode Translator) project. Currently, the BCT is not used by Boogie, so you shouldn't need this project unless you are involved with its development.
  • NUnit: Boogie's unit test framework uses NUnit. These are managed via NuGet so if you have it installed Visual Studio or Monodevelop will handle downloading the package for you

Things you need in order to run Boogie

  • Z3: Boogie's default is to generate verification conditions for Z3. Other theorem provers can also be used, e.g., Simplify. You need some theorem prover if you wish to actually find out whether a Boogie program is correct or not.

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